A conversation with Prof. Noah Weeth Feinstein


How do people understand and use science as they engage with science in their personal lives? What is the rightful place of scientists in the public sphere? In this episode we’ll talk about these issues and more with Noah Weeth Feinstein, Associate Professor in the departments of Curriculum & Instruction, and Community & Environmental Sociology, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Personal website: https://ci.education.wisc.edu/ci/people/faculty/noah-feinstein


Further reading:

Weeth Feinstein, N. (2015). Education, communication, and science in the public sphere. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 52(2), 145-163. doi: 10.1002/tea.21192

Collins, H. (2014). Are we all scientific experts now? Cambridge, England: Polity.

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